Giulia Hartz
Giulia Hartz

Personal Shopper Duc

Branding project for Anh Duc, a personal shopper guided by the idea that fashion can be for everyone, no matter which age, shape or ethnicity. Diversity, wild, sophisticated and confidence are Anh Duc’s main values, along with an open-minded attitude which always differentiates him.

The visual language is based on gradients. While a plain color is a defined tone, and therefore can represents a specific category, gradients embody diversity in fluidity.

For the logo, the idea comes from the origami technique, through which 2d surfaces are transformed into 3d shapes. What makes it fascinating is how, despite the quality of the paper you can get, it is the level of technique which takes to the most beautiful result. This serves as metaphor for Duc’s work, who despite the price of the clothes, can empower the customer to become the best version of himself/herself. The butterfly, is also Duc’s spirit animal.