Giulia Hartz
Giulia Hartz
Futura - the end is just the beginning

Futura - Exhibition

There are not many occasions in a lifetime in which we have the possibility not only to forecast an event but also to face it with the knowledge that this is going to change our lives. In most cases, it is not like that.

We throw ourselves into overestimated opportunities, we sail on ships we did not want to embark and we find comfort in something we call karma, luck or fate. We find ourselves in front of forks in the road, right before precipices we cannot avoid and we cut fastly, roughly, whenever we cannot postpone it anymore.

They say “a door closes, a window opens somewhere else”, but what about the moment in between? It is a split of second that can last for hours or days, in which we stand froze within our dreams, expectations, and fears. Everything that made us who we are is there, fragmented, exposed and everything we do not know yet, on the other side.

“Futura - the end is just the beginning” is a collection of 64 hand-drawn illustration exhibited in the months of June and July 2018 at “Ventiquattro”, Salò.