Giulia Hartz
Giulia Hartz

The Secret Game

For people unable to speak a common language, as the Deaf community, I designed ‘The Secret Game’. ‘The Secret Game’ is a asymmetric physical game that overcomes the barriers of verbal language and enables connections with each other. The game is an attempt to fight the feeling of “awkwardness” that we perceive when faced with someone who can’t understand us. We want to run away. We build a wall between us and “them”. Deaf people are not “disabled”, they just experience and enjoy the world through different senses, nevertheless it’s our same world. Being afraid of “the foreign” is in the human nature, althrough adaptability and curiosity are as well. Our game is encouraging people to explore what’s outside their comfort zone, it is guiding them through the challenge of discovering new ways of communication and it is showing them how enjoyable it is. New ways of communication take us to new meaningful relationships that we wish people to experience, as I had the opportunity during the journey of the project. Everyone who contributed to this project taught me to always scratch the surface of topics and never run away. The whole metaphor of the wall separating two cultures - East and West Berlin - as the game’s fiction, gave me the opportunity to narrate the journey from struggle to redemption. ‘The secret game’ communicates without words, but signs instead, the need of change and growth towards a world where walls do not exist anymore.